Landing your dream job is becoming a harder and harder task, as competition grows constantly. Writing a resume is just one of the many steps awaiting. In your resume, you have to write down all of your details and qualifications. A resume usually maintains an objective voice. Your cover letter should have a more personal tone. Your cover letter must include information on why you are qualified for the job you are applying for. Do not repeat paragraphs from your resume. Include specific information on why you are the right person to hire. A cover letter is the main tool for marketing yourself. Writing an outstanding one is a considerably difficult task. The internet will help you relieve this stress, with a great selection of tips, templates and writing services.

  1. Cover Letter Accounting Internship
    Free cover letter templates for accounting internship or any other job.
  2. The Balance
    Cover letter writing tips and templates totally free of charge.
  3. Business Insider
    The 12 worst cover letters ever received. Here is how not to do it.
  4. Blue Sky Blog
    2 great, free cover letter examples to get yourself inspired from.
  5. Hub Spot
    Writing a cover letter isn’t one of the most fun activities you will ever do. Here are 6 free templates to support your work.
  6. Cover-Letter-Now
    A good, general cover letter sample. Take it and tailor it for the accounting job you are applying for.
  7. My Perfect Cover Letter
    The perfect cover letter examples for any job you may apply for.
  8. Jobs DB
    Free, professional cover letter examples written by sales managers.
  9. Your Template Finder
    A free Chrome extension, that will help you find the perfect template for your cover letter.
  10. HigherEd Jobs
    Free cover letter samples for accounting internship, or any other position you may apply for.
  11. Arizona State University
    Ever wondered what you should include in the paragraphs of your cover letter. Here is a step by step guide written by university teachers.
  12. University of Pennsylvania
    A paragraph by paragraph guide on creating a catchy cover letter.
  13. CV Library
    Every aspect of cover letter writing thoroughly discussed. How to organize information and how to market yourself
  14. University of Oxford
    Academic cover letter templates and tips provided by professionals.
  15. WikiJob
    The 5 most common cover letter mistakes, and how to avoid them.
  16. University of Florida
    Whether you are applying for an accounting internship job or any other job, you will find these templates useful. All of them are designed by career counsellors.
  17. Managers&Inquisition
    Every little detail of cover letter writing discussed. Free templates that will help you write the perfect one.
  18. Virginia Tech
    A wide range of cover letter types and templates to choose from.
  19. Job Search Jimmy
    Two magic words to include in your cover letter. These will attract interviews like a magnet.
  20. My World of Work
    Andrew Campbell is finishing his fifth year at school and is looking for his first job. Inspire yourself from his cover letter.
  21. University Career Center
    What to and what not to include in your cover letter. A few free tips and samples as well.
  22. Forbes
    The 6 main secrets behind an interview winning cover letter.
  23. The Muse
    31 tips you need to know before starting to write your cover letter.
  24. Harvard Business Review
    A research done by students of Harvard University highlights the most important information you want to include in your cover letter.
  25. The Guardian
    Top tips for writing a cover letter that will land your dream job in 2017.
  26. Money
    Ever wondered what your cover letter should look like in 2017? Here is the answer.
  27. Monster
    A detailed guide and a free general sample, that will help you land the accounting internship job you’ve been dreaming of.
  28. Big Interview
    Nowadays, there are tens, even hundreds of people applying for the same job. If you want to be the chosen one, you really do need a strong cover letter.
  29. Internship and Career Center
    Cover letter samples specially made for the internship position you desire.
  30. Content Development Pros
    If the tips and samples provided above aren’t enough for you, then you can hire the help of professionals.
  31. Fiverr
    Hire the help of freelance professionals. Cover letter and resume writing at affordable prices.
  32. Ultius
    Hire a team of professionals to write your cover letter for you.
  33. The Cv Centre
    Founded in 1998, this company has many years of experience in writing CVs.
  34. Live Career
    Do you want to outshine your competition and get that job? Hire a professional and have it done for a reasonable price.
  35. Cover Letter
    4 fantastic, general Cv samples. Tailor them to your style and don’t plagiarize.
  36. Resume Spice
    A well-written cover letter is a perfect tool to set you apart from the masses.
  37. Writing Cover Letters
    The task of writing a great cover letter requires skills that not everybody can produce. Hire professional help!
  38. Writing 4 You
    If you really need that job, then you should get help from Cv experts.
  39. Resume World
    General and customized cover letters. Personalized cover letters for any position you may want.
  40. Resume Planet
    Do you want to have a leg above competition? Get your Cv written at a fair price.

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